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1. Christrio Glitter Packs and Individual Glitters Christrio's versatile glitters are available individually or in 10-piece packs with six different color sets to choose from. The glitters are available in a plethora of colors, shapes, and sizes, from fine, sparkly powders to extremely shiny glitters. 2. CND Additives Incorporate complementary CND Additives to add texture and dimension to your favorite nail styles. Additives can be blended into Vinylux Weekly Polish or any sculpting powder or gel, or layered over CND Shellac. 3. Morgan Taylor Geometric Stamping Kit Put your stamp on next-level nail art with the Morgan Taylor Designer Plates Nail Art Stamping Kit. Available in Floral, Geometric, and Celebration-themed kits, Designer Plates give you the tools to create precise, detailed art every time. 4. Young Nails Caption Gothic Romance Art Screens For dramatic nail designs, use Young Nails Gothic Romance Art Screens. Create an unlimited range of custom-stamped nail art designs with moody skull, rose, and serpentine graphics. 5. Swarovski Crystal Pixie for Nails The hundreds of tiny crystals in Crystal Pixie create a mesmerizing effect, like fingers dipped in stardust. Available in eight colors, it features crystals in the smallest sizes for maximum sparkle and limitless creative expression. 6. Tanto by CrystalNinja Crystal Applicator with Sharpener The Tanto crystal applicator lets nail techs easily pick up Swarovski crystals for one-step manicure application. Simply apply a top coat or nail glue, gently pick up Swarovski crystal with the applicator tip, and place them in the desired pattern. 7. NSI Secrets Bling NSI adds an instant touch of bling with these Swarovski crystals. Create dazzling designs with crystals designed just for nail art. Secrets Bling contains a total of 160 flat back crystals in an array of sizes. 8. Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Jewelry Decorate nails with jewelry small enough to fit on a nail and last for several weeks. The jewelry is designed with a slight curve to fit on a nail, allowing gel to seal the sides to prevent any sharp edges. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. 8. 6. MAY 2017 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 115

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