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120 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MAY 2017 Keeping your eyes and hands focused on the service from beginning to end will streamline things more than you think. If you want to test this theory, invite a few trusted clients to bring in headphones and listen to music or a book during a service, completely ignoring you. The difference in your service time will be an indicator of how much you lose focus on a regular basis while taking care of clients' nails. If you find yourself frustrated by your inability to move through services more quickly, you're hardly alone. Whether you are placing the pressure on yourself to go faster because another local salon offers quick in-and-out services, or because an owner who's never done nails sets the service times and expects you to stick with them, speed is an intimidating part of the job. While it's true that speed isn't everything, when you are feeling stressed from the constant pressure to go faster, that sentiment is not much comfort. Instead, let's focus on things that can actually improve your salon speed without cutting corners on the excellence of your service. There are a few things that you may not realize intrude upon your service time. First, make your clients aware they are expected to wash their hands as soon as they enter the salon. If they wash while you are finishing up or checking out the client ahead of them, then they will be ready to sit right down as soon as the chair is vacated. The next piece of advice is an oldie yet goodie: Talk to the hands! If you were raised with the notion that it's rude to talk to someone without looking into their eyes, then this is actually more difficult than you would think. Talking to the hands allows you to keep moving continuously during the service without pausing your hands while looking up. Talking with your hands is another culprit. How many times do you catch yourself waving a file or tool in the air to make a point during a story or explanation? Cutting down your service times doesn't mean you have to cut back on the quality of your work. Small, incremental changes in your routine can add up and make a big difference in your schedule. BY HOLLY SCHIPPERS UP YOUR SERVICES: Work Habits, Prep, and Natural Nails Focusing on the nails with both your eyes and hands through the entire service will improve your salon speed significantly. >>> Editor's note: This is part one of a two-part story by NAILS contributing editor Holly Schippers on reducing your service times. Part two will offer time-saving tips for artificial nail services.

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