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MAY 2017 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 127 to eat something — anything — in the few minutes it takes clients to wash their hands? What issues arise from working longer hours so a client can get in before her vacation? These are more avoidable risks, and they have nothing to do with chemicals or environmental factors in the salon. These changes can be harder to make, because they are lifestyle patterns and ingrained habits. But they are good to consider. Perhaps, instead of asking if the salon is a safe environment for the baby, it's time to reframe the question: Are you becoming a safe environment for your baby? The baby's exposure is always filtered through you. The best way to reduce what the baby is exposed to in the salon is by reducing your exposure. That begins by following best practices for product use and disposal, for removing dust, debris, and vapors from the salon, and by taking the best possible care of yourself by scheduling regular breaks, eating well, and exercising. Instead of wondering if pregnancy may preclude you from working, use your energy and resources to create a safe work environment that provides optimal conditions for your best development. ERGONOMICS "Pregnant women will become uncomfortable more easily with awkward positions, but these positions won't harm the baby," says Dr. Scialli. Nonetheless, if a woman already feels uncomfortable with the added weight of the baby and increased pressure on her shoulders and back, an ergonomic workstation that limits rather than exacerbates her pain becomes essential. Because discomfort increases as pregnancy progresses, techs should stack their schedule with breaks during the day. Get up and move when a client goes to wash her hands, and take the time to stretch periodically. This is good for all techs, since the dangers of sitting for long periods are well documented. Movement can not only increase health benefits, it can also reduce some health issues. "In theory, sitting all day can increase the risk of blood clots during pregnancy," says Dr. Scialli. He recommends techs flex their ankles and get up often to walk and stretch. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Beyond common concerns voiced about working in the salon while pregnant are less-considered questions only insiders would know to ask. You know what I mean. How does the stress of chasing the clock all day to stay on time for clients affect the baby? What about techs who don't schedule time to eat or opt for high-fat, high-sodium fast food or sugary snacks and drinks in an effort SAFETY SUGGESTIONS > Do not eat or drink at your work area, which could cause you to inadvertently consume chemicals. > Bring fresh air into the salon through ventilation and open windows or doors. > Replace products that can release formaldehyde into the air. SOURCE: MOTHERTOBABY.ORG THE QUALITY GUARANTEED DONT STAND FOR IMITATIONS Available at Nail and Beauty Supply Stores Nationwide Robanda International, Inc. ● P: (619) 276.7660 ● P: (800) 783.9969 ● F: (619) 276.7661 E: ● San Diego, CA ● Tropical Shine and Mr. Pumice available at: ' NEW TOOLS OF THE TRADE #425 #442 #397 #201 500Q NAIL MACHINE PT-PB-0500Q

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