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20 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MAY 2017 } { Our Healthy Nail Tech series (see p. 100) is a popular profile that runs in every print issue. I personally look forward to reading these articles each month to see the positive changes nail professionals make to their lifestyle. The commitment to eating right, exercising, and work/life balance are all essential parts of self-care. In an industry that's all about caring for others, I marvel at how many of our readers prioritize taking care of themselves as well. Like many of you, I have a rather sedentary job. And like many of you, I often rush lunch. I am still negotiating the art of work/life balance and I find that reading your stories is a great reminder for me to make my own health a priority. I even decided to challenge myself and signed up for my first half-marathon, which I completed in February. Training was grueling and it took a lot of discipline to run after working a full day. But crossing the finish line made everything worthwhile. It helped that going into the race I took the necessary precautions to protect myself. I invested in quality running shoes with insoles for support. I packed an energy snack in one of my pockets in case I needed a boost during the run. Even though it was cloudy and drizzly, I slathered on the sunscreen. Likewise, there are things you as a nail tech can do each and every day to protect yourself at work and ensure that health will be a priority. Maybe it's investing in a ventilation system, wearing a mask, or simply getting up to stretch. It might even be saying "no" to booking certain clients. Taking care of others is part of your job, but so is taking care of yourself. If you want to have longevity in this field and be strong for those you support, health has to be top of mind. In this issue you'll find products and tips on staying healthy in our Health section (p. 94), plus a feature on working while pregnant (p. 124) that contains the latest research. For more in-depth content to help you prioritize self-care, visit Preserving your well-being is not a sprint; it's a marathon. It requires conditioning, discipline, strength, and endurance. Let's work together to take care of each other. on my mind Who Cares? We Should Danny Haile (center) wanted Gelish's newest product, PolyGel, to be odorless, a health benefit for clients and techs alike. From left to right: VietSalon managing editor Anh Tran, publisher Michelle Mullen, Gelish's Thao Nguyen, me, and associate art director Yuiko Sugino. Reading your Healthy Nail Tech stories was part of what motivated me to finish my first half-marathon.

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