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9 # G E L K N O W When prepping the nails for an OPI GelColor service, use a dry nail prep method to remove any loose tissue or debris while maximizing the product adhesion. Go to for OPI GelColor Nail Prep step by steps. Do not soak the hands. Use water only for washing the hands with Swiss Blue Liquid Hand Soap before the service. Wet manicures cause premature lifting of product, because the nails are porous and absorb water quickly. There isn't enough time for the water to evaporate from the nails between prep and application so you are left with a thin layer of moisture between the nail and base coat. Always use a dry prep method and BondAid pH Balancing Agent for OPI GelColor services. Always apply OPI GelColor according to instructions which can be found on Never mix OPI GelColor shades with non OPI GelColor Base Coats or Top Coats as this can lengthen the removal process. Pre-book your client's next appointment for 2 weeks later to ensure proper removal. Your client may love the idea of a gel polish service lasting for more than 2 weeks, but the longer it is left on the nails and continues to cure, the longer it takes to soak off. Remove OPI GelColor according to the removal instructions and never take shortcuts to speed up the removal process like scraping or using an e-file. False! A client can receive back to back gel polish services without experiencing damage to their nails when properly applied and removed by a caring nail professional. Follow these tips to ensure best results and keep your clients coming back for OPI GelColor services. GELCOLOR CAUSES DAMAGE TO THE NATURAL NAIL. GelColor ingredients include oligomers, photoinitiators and colorants. These key ingredients work together by forming a durable yet flexible network that cures or hardens under an LED light. Think of this cross linked network like a tightly knit sweater. It's strong and durable yet flexible enough to stretch without breaking apart. Removing OPI GelColor is different from Lacquer as it requires wrapping each nail with an Expert Touch Removal Wrap soaked in Expert Touch Lacquer Remover for 15 minutes. Because the ingredients differ, gel polish never thickens the way a lacquer does and should not require the use of a lacquer thinner. Gel polish goes through a curing process which requires an LED or UV lamp and lacquer goes through an evaporation process. If your gel polish appears to have thickened, this could be a result of improper storage. We do not recommend the use of lacquer thinner with gel polish as this could compromise the performance. Make sure to store your gel polish in room temperature and away from direct sunlight to maintain the proper consistency. False! These color systems have different ingredients and work with very different technologies. OPI GELCOLOR INGREDIENTS & TECHNOLOGY ARE THE SAME AS REGULAR POLISH. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THE LIGHT.

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