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MAY 2017 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 109 THE BRUSH Detail brush Striper brush Square brush Angled brush Round brush Fan brush Pointed brush Dotting tool THE SKILLS > Small details > Shapes and patterns > Lettering > Outlining > Characters > Logos > Stripes, obviously! > Drag marbling > Plaid > Geometric patterns > Animal prints > One stroke designs > Wide bands of color > Dry brushing > Color blending for gradients > Crisp French lines > One stroke designs > Flower petals > Covering large areas with color > Wispy or feathered effects > Applying glitter or pigment > Brushing away excess glitter or pigment > Wide stripes > Petals > Baroque-style flourishes > Polka dots > Leopard print > Scalloped edges > Fast florals THE LOWDOWN YOUR BESTIE: The shorter, stiffer bristles of this brush offer greater control for precise detail work. You'll be reaching for this great multi-tasker all the time! GET THE SKINNY: The long bristles help mitigate shakiness, creating smooth and straight lines. ON THE EDGE: The flat edge of this brush makes it perfect for precise one stroke floral designs. DOUBLE DUTY: Use it to clean up excess polish from the cuticles or sidewalls. PETAL PUSHER: Try using this brush to quickly lay down some loose flower petals, and then go back in with a detail brush to outline and give them dimension. TIME CRUNCH: The fan brush can be used to quickly and easily create horizontal lines across the nail. Just load up the brush, and drag it from one side of the nail to the other. TRY THIS: Start with more pressure on the tip of this brush, and then gently ease up as you move it to create a teardrop shape. OL' FAITHFUL: Everyone loves a good dotting tool! Master this tool first before moving on to more difficult freehand work.

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