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110 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MAY 2017 Learn how the industry's top nail artists take their award-winning designs down a notch for everyday clients. BY ERIKA KOTITE >>> To "mod" something is to modify it for a different audience or use. In the world of nail design, nail artists often have to restrain their extravagant creations to suit an enthusiastic, but conservative, client. The result may be simplified, but the "wow" factor doesn't have to be! We asked some of our NAILS Next Top Nail Artists past and present to show how they transform their competition nail designs into very wearable nail art. BEJEWELED Danielle Costantino, Cranston, R.I. | @nailsbydanielle To create a salon-friendly version of her nails featured on the October 2015 cover of NAILS, Danielle Costantino used a few time-saving techniques. "I used Akzéntz Pro-Formance gel to fill the client's nails. When they were ready to polish I used Luxio Gel in Almondine, Darling, Noir, and Engagement. Chunky Glitter makes a great quick replacement for a full crystal nail. I used a stamping plate and black stamping polish to quickly replicate the intricate line work I did for the cover. I used round rose gold glitter sequins to substitute the rose gold Swarovski crystals I used in the original. With these shortcuts I brought the design time from 90 minutes down to 30 minutes." ORIGINAL MODIFIED FOR SALON A R t A l l T h i n g s SALON- MODDED NAILS

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