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130 | NAILS MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2017 EASTERN ELEMENT: HOT STONES AND COPPER BOWLS Smooth, black, volcanic rocks are used for hot stone massages because they are believed to have emotional and spiritual benefits. The story goes that since they are made from two natural elements (fire and earth), they provide energy, but also calm our emotions. True or not, there's no doubt the heat of the warmed stones creates a therapeutic and comforting experience that helps relax and release tight, tired muscles. Used during a massage by a trained therapist, hot stones seem to offer a paradox of benefits. The warmth relaxes, but the improved blood flow of the massage increases energy. As an essential mineral, copper has wonderful health qualities. Copper supports a healthy immune system and aids in the relief of joint pain by reducing inflammation. Copper naturally kills germs and bacteria and also creates both a positive and negative magnetic field, believed to increase the energy flow of the body. Some of these benefits can be achieved by using a copper bowl during the foot soak of a pedicure. Salon: Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill, N.C. Service: Signature Spa Pedicure with Hot Stone Add-on "I used to work 60-70 hours a week in clinical research, but I lost all sense of balance in my life," says nail tech and Certified Master Pedicurist Tera Killian. She has regained balance in her own life, and accepts a responsibility to center clients as well. Killian's clients are as delighted as they are surprised to find Eastern principles integrated into the nail services of a medical day spa. Kilian uses a copper bowl for all her pedicures, and offers a hot stone add-on. "Copper bowls retain heat and protect against bacteria," she explains. "The stones help clients relax, and their heat helps improve blood flow and circulation." The hot-stone massage is the last step before the polish for clients who have already received the benefits of a copper foot soak and therapeutic-grade pedicure products. EASTERN ELEMENT: BLACK CHARCOAL Charcoal has been used for over 3,000 years to filter water and detoxify the body. Charcoal is unique in how it removes toxins. A residue produced by burning natural material, such as wood or coconut shells, charcoal has millions of tiny pores. Those tiny pores don't simply catch and hold toxins, as a sponge would. They actually bind with the toxins at the molecular level. Once the charcoal is washed away or removed, the toxins are discarded, too. Charcoal continues to gain popularity beyond its use as an excellent water filter. As awareness increases, and as celebrities endorse its benefits, we find charcoal in supplements at health stores, in juice and smoothie drinks, and in treatments at the spa. Salon: Greenfield Nails and Spa, Gilbert, Ariz. Service: Detox Spa Pedicure "Clients are familiar with the concept of detoxing, so when they see a detox pedi on the menu, they are interested in trying the service," says owner Tom Sisouvanh. "The charcoal behaves like a magnet and pulls impurities out of the body through the skin," he explains. Dead cells are also removed, leaving skin incredibly soft and shiny, as though it's been polished. Techs may find they need to warn clients of the visible difference of a detox pedi. The black foot soak and spa products aren't as immediately appealing as crystal clear water, bubbles, and lovely scents. Charcoal may dry the skin as it pulls out toxins, so if you make your own charcoal scrubs or creams for spa use, be sure to apply a hydrating lotion or oil during the treatment. >>>

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