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With its alluring costumes, seductive movements, and the click of castanets, flamenco is one of Spain's most enduring art forms and a favorite of visitors. The cities of Seville and Madrid are just two of the many places to see authentic flamenco performed. Flamenco refers to more than just dance – it also includes music in the form of singing and guitar strumming. Beginning with the gypsies from the Andalusia region of southern Spain, this beautiful, passionate form of living art has been influenced by a mix of other cultures. Flamenco songs (cante) range from emotional to lighthearted, each with a distinctive rhythm and story to tell. Combining complex footwork with graceful movements of the arms and the entire body, flamenco dance (baile) expresses a seductive fluidity that is both hypnotic and stirring. Adding to the spectacle is passion of the dance Dramatic. Provocative. Unmistakable. the bailaora's (female dancer's) costume – a long dress with a ruffled skirt and train that become part of her dance. A shawl tied around the waist and hips, flowers or beautiful combs in her hair, and a lacy, decorated fan enhance her presentation. Her partner (the bailaor) may play castanets as an accent to his intricate dance steps. Both dancers wear special shoes designed for flamenco, with nails hammered into the heels and soles to create the signature stomping sounds. NailSTyle FAll 2017 5

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