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Page 36 of 155 NailStyle Fall 2017 11 morgantaylOrtmasterteCHNIQUe a spanish roSE step 1 Using DON'T BREAK MY CORAZĂ“N create a smile line and fi ll in the bottom half of the nail towards the free edge. With the Mini Striper Brush and ALL TANGO-D UP, create a rose outline at the sidewall of the nail. step 4 Using Little Black Dress and a Mini Striper Brush, add more ruffl es at the free edge of the nail and near the smile line. step 3 With the Mini Striper Brush and LITTLE BLACK DRESS, outline the smile line. Next, create a ruffl ed line in the middle of the French tip. step 2 Using All Tango-d Up and the Mini Striper Brush, fi ll in the rose. step 6 With All White Now and the Mini Striper Brush, outline the fl ower. Finish with NEED FOR SPEED top coat. step 5: Using the Mini Striper Brush and ALL WHITE NOW, add detailing to create dimension. ALL tANGO-D Up

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