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62 | NAILS MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2017 Light Elegance's Celina Ryden Signature Series Art Brush Kit includes everything you need to create amazing gel designs and features hand- picked brushes customized to make your nail art fun and easy. Brushes include the Shorty, for small details; the Swirly for swirls and long strokes; the Stripy, for long stripes; the Block Brush, for marble effects and filling larger areas; the Lil' Fluff, for adding sugar highlights; and the Fluff Daddy, for brushing off excess glitter, ombre effects, and more. For more information, visit Light Elegance Presents Celina Ryden's Go-To Nail Art Brushes Have a technique question? (about product application, troubleshooting, etc.) Email it to and check back here for expert answer. Q: Within the same product brand, are gel top coats and gel base coats essentially the same in formulation, and if not, what ingredients or qualities potentially make them different from one another? Additionally, when applying hard gel (builder gel) in clear (totally no color in the application at all), is it necessary to top coat the clear hard gel with a gel-polish top coat? A: Top coats and base coats are completely different formulations that are designed to do different things. Base coats need to have good nail adhesion, while top coats must have hard surfaces with good scratch resistance. Ingredients with good adhesion are usually softer and stickier, so they don't make good top coats. Ingre- dients that have hard, scratch-resistant surfaces create slick surfaces that won't adhere well to the nail plate. If the manufacturer of the builder gel directs that you should use a particular top coat, you should always follow the directions and use products as they were intended to be used. Don't mix-and-match products that were not intended to be used together. Cherry-picking products is basi- cally ignoring directions and should not be done. One of the biggest problems in the nail industry is that too many techs make up their own directions and use products in an inappropriate fashion. It may "seem" to work, but there are often unintended consequences for ignoring directions. — Doug Schoon, industry scientist, author, and educator A Q & TECHNIQUE } Long Beach-based nail tech Julie Ventura created this simple but edgy design. "It's like if chrome and marble had a baby, or rainbow lightning — or maybe just a softer version of tiger stripes," she says. 1. Polish with a black gel-polish and cure. 2. Apply a matte gel top coat and cure, or simply buff your black layer. 3. Paint thin, organic, branch-like lines using a thin striping brush and a no- wipe gel top coat. Cure. 4. Rub on a chameleon chrome pigment and wipe away the excess. Seal only the lines with top coat and cure. Black Lightning 1 2 3 4 Follow Ventura on Instagram: @Juliev37

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