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72 | NAILS MAGAZINE | SEPTEMBER 2017 Bows and Arrows 1. Paint entire nail with OPI My Vampire is Buff. 2. Carefully paint three triangles, each in a different color. From bottom to top, paint red, green, and yellow using OPI It's a Piazza Cake, My Dogsled is a Hybrid, and Need Sunglasses, respectively. 3. With a thin striper brush, paint two parallelograms to make an 8 shape. Outline the top shape with another parallelogram. Paint a thin line down the center of the nail. Draw two lines extending from the center line to make an arrow shape. 4. Draw a thick dot on the bottom portion of the middle line. Draw a thick, solid triangle on the top portion of the middle line. 5. Use Laque'd Gel Matte Top Coat to finish the design. Midnight Sparkles 1. Apply a thin layer of Fuzion UV Gel's Oopz (white) paint-on gel and cure. Keep the dispersion layer. 2. Apply a thin layer of Fuzion Colourz Gel's Oops, I did it Again (fuchsia) on top left and bottom right of nail. Apply a thin layer of Pastelz Purple in the center of the nail. Lightly blend the colors together and cure. 3. Apply a thin coat of clear gel and add loose glitters. Cure. 4. Build nail and file. Apply top gloss and wipe. Sponge on black gel paint until you've achieved the desired look. Cure. 5. Sponge on white paint until you've achieved the desired look. Cure. Top with gloss. Taylor Thiessen, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada, @gelnailsbytaylor.xo Ashley Jansen, Hello Birdie Nail & Lash Lab, San Diego @hellobirdielab @ashleyjnails PHOTOGRAPHY BY KIMBERLY PHAM nail art studio STYLE } Just Peachy Color Blocks 1. Use Vetro Fuju Base to apply a neutral shade to the entire nail. Do not cure. Paint thick red and peach color blocks scattered around the nail. Stroke the colors vertically with a thin brush to blend with the base. Cure. 2. Reapply the base to the entire nail. Add blue to the remaining areas. Blend the blue with the base using the same vertical stroking technique. Do not overlap with the red and peach. Cure. 3. Dust CND Additives Green Gold sparkle over the entire nail. Use black gel to outline the color blocks. Flash cure. 4. Accent black lines with gold sparkle. Cure. 5. Apply matte top coat if desired. Heather Velasquez, Sunrise, Fla. @luminarynails Want to see your nail art how-to here? Mail your tips (one for each step) and instructions to Nail Art Studio, NAILS Magazine, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503. Make sure to include your name, salon name (if applicable), city, state, and contact information. For more nail art step-by-steps, visit, then click on Nail Art. When mailing us tips for Nail Art Studio, please mail them in a padded envelope or box to keep the nail tips fully intact in transit.

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