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SEPTEMBER 2017 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 97 Design was a top consideration when Cindy Feldman set about creating a direct mail piece targeting new homebuyers in the Rockville, Md., neighborhood where her salon, Progressions Salon Spa Store, is located. The mailer features a $20 gift card that can be put toward any salon service. "We wanted the piece to feel like a gift that had been presented to a small, hand-picked group of individuals rather than a throwaway mailer for the masses," she says. "For that reason, we worked with Imaginal Marketing Group to create a design that resembles a gift card — something they might receive from a friend or loved one." The mailer has consistently been one of the salon's most popular promotions. "Since we began tracking the cards in September 2015, we've had over 600 new guests come in to redeem them — that's approximately one new guest every day," she notes. "A significant number return, either for the service they came in for initially or to experience other offerings." The mailers have also proven to be a great tool for driving potential clients to the salon's website, where they review all the services before deciding which one to put their gift toward. "It also encourages new clients to try manicures and pedicures at a higher price point," Feldman says. "Because we're located in an urban area, it's easy for people to find an inexpensive pedicure if that's what they're after — but once they experience one of our luxurious spa pedicures (only $32 with this gift), they understand why spending a bit extra is worth it." 10 Times the Promotion Power Common wisdom has it that nail techs should keep their own nails beautifully groomed at all times, making themselves "walking billboards" that show off their awesome abilities. Heidi St. John- Smith, a tech at Sandals Nail Spa in Sylvania, Ohio, recommends that talented nail artists take that concept one step further by creating a different design on each of their nails. "Just make sure people see your hands," she says. "They really stand out that way." } BUSINESS NAILS BY SARAH ELMAZ Q: I have a question about working as a mobile tech. When clients book group events or nail parties, how do you go about getting deposits and payments? Have you ever traveled to a client's house and they were unable to pay? What did you do? A: When it comes to groups like spa parties and weddings, I learned the hard way early on that pre-planning is a must. I would get to an event and expect 10 people and only four or five would be there. That can't happen if you are paying staff to go with you. What little bit you would have made on the party now has to pay the hired help. So now when someone inquires, we let them know that our spa menu for groups is limited. We only have three services to choose from: a deluxe spa pedicure, a deluxe gel manicure, and an organic spray tan. If extreme nails or fancy bridal nails are required, that has to be booked privately — not at the event. That way you don't have a single guest tying up a technician for as long as two hours. By keeping the menu short and sweet, it ensures each service can be done in 45 minutes or less. That's how we're able to judge the time it will take to perform all of the group's services. Next I go into our prices. I require a $50 deposit to hold the date and an approximate number of services so I can get an idea of how many technicians I need to staff the event. Two weeks before the event I collect the final balance due for the number of people they have booked. If it's a situation where each person needs to pay individually, they have to pay their hostess and then the hostess pays me. That way, I am not taking any payment on the day of the event. It also prevents those potential no-shows from backing out. I'm paid regardless of who is or isn't there. We give no refunds on deposits or no-shows. This is the only way I can ensure proper staffing and that we are paid for our services. We require an 18% gratuity as well for groups of more than four. — Tracy Vinson, Forest, Va. @mobilemanicurist ( Editor's note: Check out the Facebook page Confessions of a Nail Tech for more great nail tech questions like this one. Vinson A Q & Welcome to the Neighborhood

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